About Us

Our Unique Advantages... 

The Center is specially designed to perform same day procedures - those which require more care than can be offered in your doctor's office but which do not require an overnight hospital stay. Your care will be provided by the same highly skilled personnel with the same training found in most larger facilities.

Because we perform only same-day surgeries, this allows the Center to provide services at reasonable costs and savings to you, your insurance provider, and your employer.

Surgery takes less time from your family and work schedule and, in many instances, you may resume your routine schedule the next day.

Putting You At Ease...

Our quality facility and staff are dedicated to creating a warm, compassionate, personalized environment for you and your family. Your family will enjoy a complimentary opportunity to utilize Boston Sports Club's state-of-the-art facility during your procedure. In addition, Boston Sports Club may be able to provide free child care as needed.