Day of Surgery

Q. What can I expect the day of surgery?

A. You will need to check in at the front desk of the surgery center at your scheduled check-in time. After the paperwork is completed, you will be escorted to a changing area/interview room. A nurse will interview you, perform a nursing assessment and answer any questions you have. You will be asked to remove most of your clothing and change into a hospital gown. You may be asked to remove your contact lenses, partial dentures or bridge work. You will be given the opportunity to use the restroom before surgery. A urine pregnancy test is required of all female patients of child bearing age (menarche to menopause) including patients currently on birth control and patients with a history of tubal ligation.

An intravenous line will be started. Your surgeon will speak with you in the pre-op. area and confirm the operative site with you. This is a good opportunity to ask any last minute questions of your surgeon. An anesthesiologist will interview you and plan your care with you. The nurse who will be attending to you in the operating room will also speak with you before going to the O.R. You may or may not be given some intravenous sedation to relax you in the pre-operative area. Once in the operating room you will be monitored constantly throughout the operation.

We make every attempt to allow you to spend as much time as possible with your accompanying responsible adult. Initially, the nurse will take you to the pre-operative area alone, as she prepares you for surgery. Once your IV is placed and she has completed her interview, if there is time before heading to the OR, the nurse will allow those accompanying you to be with you in the preoperative area.

Sometimes our surgical procedures run ahead of schedule, and this will not be possible, however, more often than not your separation will be minimal. Guests can utilize our lobby, complete with free internet, television, and complimentary coffee.

They will be contacted, if instructed, by your surgeon when your procedure is complete.

Also, although you are required to have a ride home, they do not need to wait the entire time. Your recovery room nurse can phone them ½ to 1 hour before discharge. If the patient is a minor a custodial parent must remain in the facility the entire time. Please leave young children or siblings at home.

Sometime an unavoidable delay occurs if another surgery goes longer than planned. Your understanding will always be appreciated when there is a delay.


Q. Why is it cold in the operating room?

A. Temperatures are kept low in the surgical suites to reduce bacterial growth. You will be kept warm with warm blankets.

Q. Why can’t I wear any jewelry?

A. Please do not wear any jewelry. Due to the equipment being utilized, jewelry can be a potential risk to patients during surgery.

Q. Who will take care of me during surgery?

A. Along with your surgeon and anesthesiologist, there will also be a circulating RN and a surgical technician.

Q. How long will my procedure take?

A. Times vary based on procedure type and complexity. Occasionally procedures can take longer than scheduled.

Q. Can I bring an IPOD with headphones?

A. Yes, you may bring your IPOD to listen to while you wait in the pre-operative area.