Q. What can I expect after surgery?

A. Your condition will be closely monitored by staff personnel. When you can move about, you will be allowed to sit up and visit with a family member or friend when appropriate. You will remain in the recovery room until your physician or anesthesiologist feels you are able to be discharged.

Before leaving you will receive verbal as well as corresponding written instructions. Included in this information will be general instructions regarding medications, bathing, activity restrictions, as well as those instructions specific to your procedure.

A member of the nursing staff will telephone you the next business day to follow your progress and to assist you and your family with whatever questions that may arise.

A responsible adult friend or family member MUST drive you home. A competent adult should remain with your after surgery. You may NOT be discharged to a taxi, limo, or medical van. You should not resume normal recreational or professional activities immediately. Follow your physician’s instructions.